Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics is a life changing approach to embodiment and wellbeing on all levels.

How would it feel to be comfortable in your own skin?
Come to Soul Embodiment and we'll teach you how!

Just imagine...

Can you imagine what it's like to:

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin?
  • Never having to explain yourself?
  • No longer carry the burden of your or your family's trauma, pain or heartache?  
  • Deconstruct the 'issues in the tissues'?  
  • Pay attention to the tension and give it attention then release it?  
  • Relax, finally, knowing you're incredible in the full presence of your light in this moment?
  • No longer feel the need to endlessly apologize for being you?
  • That you're 100% enough?     
  • To understand your soul's expression by having your own compass

Soul Embodiment Harnesses Many Modalities

Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics is the culmination of years of experience with many modalities. All assisting the pathway to your innate wisdom and understanding of how to be fully embodied and present in any moment, whilst learning how to listen to your own intuitive guidance. These include:

  • Psychosomatic Therapy /BodyMind Analysis
  • Emotional Anatomy / Face and Body Reading
  • NES Wellness System
  • Reflexology / Maternity / Fertility Reflexology
  • Ancestral Journey Work / Theta healing /Past Life
  • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) / EFT
  • Reiki / Aromatherapy
  • Art of Feminine Presence 
  • Vibrational Crystal, Colour and Sound Therapy 
  • Animal Communication / Body Talk

What's in it for you?

We will take you beyond the limitations of your mind and old habits as we work with you to identify where you have stored trauma in your physical and energetic body. How to embrace it, acknowledge and release it whilst rewiring the neural pathways as you go.

Discover what it is to be a human living on planet earth at this time by understanding your unique blueprint, carried within your DNA & cellular body.

Emotional baggage is stored trauma - and we’re not talking the big stuff! Trauma comes in many forms. Just being born can be traumatic. You probably aren't aware of a good deal of the past trauma that affects your behaviours.

Some of it you likely inherited in your DNA from your parents, their parents, and so on. The more you are able to clear your old emotional baggage, the more energy you will have for the things that make you feel good and make life amazing for you as you learn to become your own therapist.

Follow a life of Alignment, Growth and Empowerment when all the layers of your body, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical form are in alignment.

You get to live your best life, understanding your true abilities, skills, and talents - the gifts you bring to planet earth. We will teach you down-to-earth embodied techniques, ways of being, that you can use every day of your life and how to maintain your balance and boundaries for the highest good of all in a nourishing and sustainable way.

Watch this video by Vicki Delpero
to find out more about Psychosomatics

Embodiment is a Way of Life
Not Just a Therapy

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What clients and students are saying...

"Vicki and Karen, thank you so much for the zoom healing session last week! I wasn’t sure what to expect over zoom compared with in-person healings with you, but the dynamic duo and the supportive hounds have no barriers! The healing was just as good across the other side of Oz as it is when I’m at your place. Days later I still feel freer and it was so good to connect with you both and be reminded of getting back to basics, the here and now, and day-to-day reality.  This is where life is. Thank you!"


"I had some of the most soulful energetic shifts through our sessions together with regard to my childhood stories. I'm feeling that I'm once again exactly where I need to be at this moment in my journey with the amazing soul sisters like yourself helping me find my way back to my true self and power. I've been consciously practising our techniques from the class. Something is feeling 'unknown' within me. With thanks, love and appreciation."


" Vicki has been my mentor, teacher and friend for 4 years now and the work I have done with her was instrumental in attracting the most amazing man into my life as well as improving the relationships around me with family and friends.   This work has help to give me clarity with regards to what I want to do with my life and I would not be as truly happy as I am without these awesome tools.   I strongly urge you to try for yourself. You wont regret it - I promise!"


"Hi Vicki, you may remember you did a body reading on my friend. He was amazed by what you told him. He was in a bit of a rut and not too sure about the direction of his life. Well I have to tell you - what a changed man he is now! He is out living his life and loving it! Great work, love what you do!"

Susan Dibbs

"Vicki has the power to see through people. It is with this laser vision that she is able to witness the depth of truth buried deep within an individual that they still can't see themselves. Quick to point out the positive and just as quick to point out personal growth parts which need to be extracted. She is a missionary of truth for growth within the human. It is with her passion for people that she seems never to work a day in her life. It is her pleasure to be of service for the betterment of the human race."